Changing Careers

Question: I met a man who wanted to change jobs but was worried that his new choice would turn out to be the wrong one. He worried, What if I leave behind a decent career for something that turns out to be unfulfilling?

Answer: Making a career change can be a frightening experience, especially with so many unknowns.

When considering a move, however, it never has to be a blind jump into something new. With a simple step in place, you can find out whether or not your new career options will give you exactly what you're looking for.

From a library book to an on-site workshop or mini-course, every potential career or position offers more than enough opportunities for a small step before making the huge leap. Thinking about becoming a writer? Join a local writer's workshop to see how you enjoy it. Looking into interior design? Read through a few books on the subject or talk to a friend in the industry.

When you approach a new career from this viewpoint, the possibilities for a small test are endless. Anything that gets you in touch or involved with the area you're thinking about will take you from fear of the unknown to confidence in your next move. 


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