What do you think of money? Do you love the stuff? Or do you see it as a necessary evil?
Often our attitudes towards money can define how we live our lives. Some people are happy to have just enough to get by, recognizing that happiness doesn’t come from having money – happiness is something you find within. But many people recognize that having money worries is hugely stressful and impacts negatively on their life. And one thing money can buy, to some extent, is freedom and access to a lifestyle.
I think it’s fair to say that most of us would like more money. We’d certainly like to feel we are being rewarded adequately for the time we spend working.
Most of us earn our money working for someone else. There’s a certain comfort in having regular hours and a (somewhat) stable income. However, others are realizing that they have the entrepreneurial spirit, and don’t want the limits that working for someone else brings. These people are willing to take a risk, branch out on their own, and start their own businesses.
The best thing about money, though, may be that it’s one of the few areas of your life where you are only limited by your desire to learn and how dedicated you are to realizing your goals.
No matter where you are with your finances, Pick the Brain has articles suited for you.
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