Spiritual Quotes and Religious Quotes

Some say spirituality and religion is basically the same thing. Others believe that they are quite different. In any case, spirituality and religion can touch your being in a way that little else can. Here are some collections of moving spiritual quotes and religious quotes.

Religion Quotes

All religions attempt to explain creation, life, and death. These explanations, however diverse, point to God. Get in touch with your soul with these religion quotes. Connect with the Supreme Being with a clear mind and a pure conscience.

Christian Quotes

God inspires us in many ways. To get closer to Him, we use vehicles such as religion. Christianity is one such vehicle. Connect with the Supreme Being with these Christian quotes. These Christian quotes will tell you what it means to be a true Christian. Find your inspiration to lead a spiritual life with lessons of Christ in your heart.

Buddhist Quotes

Buddhism has enlightened minds the world over, by propagating a truthful, candid, and ingenious way of life. Buddhism encourages people to find meaning in their life. You will find these Buddhist quotes enlightening as they reveal the power and beauty of Buddhism.

Bible Quotes

Here is an exclusive collection of enriching inspirational quotes from the Bible.

God Quotes by Famous Poets and Authors

Would you like to know what the greatest poets and authors of the previous centuries had to say about God? Wouldn't it be great to find out how attitude towards god has changed with the passage of generations? This is a list of famous God quotes.

Religious Quotes

"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness." Profound words from The Dalai Lama. Here are inspiring quotes which delve into the meaning of religion and God.

God Quotes

The concept of God seems loving and divine on one hand. But when one observes the God-men out there who are fighting and killing in the name of God, one really wonders. Here is a collection of God quotes that will inspire you to think deeper.

Spiritual Quotes

On this page, explore God, nature, human spirit, and other spiritual subjects. You will gain spiritual satisfaction with these inspirational quotes.

Short God Quotes

What does God mean to you? Do you pray to him everyday? Do you not believe in him? Are you offended by my use of 'him' to refer to God. In any case, I am sure that you will enjoy this collection of short God quotes.


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