The Numbers Game

Sport lovers love numbers. They gobble up statistics like hungry hounds, always on the search for more information about their favorite players and teams. They also love games. That much is obvious.

When taken in moderate doses, these interests are harmless fun, but imagine what they could achieve if combined with your health. Not merely harmless, they could save your life.

Is your blood pressure too high? Turn it into a game. See if you can lower it by your next visit. Keep track of your numbers (with charts, graphs, spreadsheets, whatever), get excited about improvements, and make changes when needed. Treat the goal as you would treat any other game that you're trying to win.

The same can be done with high cholesterol, weight loss, healthy eating, exercising, and any other aspect of your health. If you can turn these concerns into a game of numbers and challenges, you'll ignite a natural drive inside that propels you toward success.


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