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Free translation of the material by: Debiie Bailey The author of the book "15 Presentation Secrets - How to WOW Even the toughest audience."
You are requested to deliver an important presentation. You know that MOST problems exist on how to deliver. But you also know that the BIGGEST problem is on how to begin.
5 secrets of the following presentation will change your life.
Set and kontrollah panic, anxiety, and fear and a sense of nervous you are, so not those who manage and control you. What you experience when all the destructive things that happens, is exactly the same as what you experience when you are excited. You only have to change its characteristics. That's all adrenaline. And no more or less, it is energy.
For energy, if we call it nervous then it becomes bad. If we call it spirit, then it becomes good.
So, the first step, is to replace all the labels and naming for each symptom that you feel bad so far, with various other terms that reflect a positive thing.
And of course, positive things are always more 'aturable' alias can be arranged.
From there, you can create enthusiasm for the session of your speech.
Being yourself is imperative, if you've reached the point of delivery, aka the delivery of presentation materials. Every man has style. Who is best to show your style?
Be "I really" when giving a presentation. Yourself was created with the various aspects that are too unique to be compared with other human beings. This is the greatness of God. Your voice, your body, face, style, and level of formality you, is "you're really". Do not waste all of that.
Many speakers, very focused - precisely: focused - on the words that will come out of their mouths. In fact, once again, the words that contribute 7% to the strength of your presentation. Waste of energy to it, is a waste.
Speaker whose words are covered, it is always better if he be yourself, rather than a good speaker and he said, but so obvious in trying to be someone else.
Everything that is non-verbal, commonly called the presentation personality, accounted for more than 90% to your success.
Focus on aspects of the most real and most influential to the success of your speech sessions. Focus on eye contact, expressions, body language, movement, clothing, voice, and silence.
If you want audiience excited, you should be excited. If you want the audience to think, you have to think. If you want the audience to laugh, you laugh. If you want the audience to cry, you cry. If you want the product you purchased, you are the buyer first. Or setidakna, you're the first person who can be proud! With notes, of course you deserve to be proud of the product.
There are the facts. According to research reports (from an institution named Lamalle) to top executives who earn more than $ 250,000, their success, 46% is determined by a positive attitude and enthusiasm.
If you feel you can, then you will be. If you feel will fail, then you gagallah. One thing you must remember, making positive energy range, will make you relax.
Of course, unless you have a valid reason to do so. In many cases, you do not need to apologize, admit ugliness or create a justification in your speech sessions.
"Sorry, I am a bit cold today, so maybe the sound I'll probably be a little weird."
Why would you say that? Is there something positive for the session of your speech? You feel the need to be pitied? For what? So they bought?
Let them own that creates permakluman for you.
"Sorry, I'm not ready today." This is obviously dangerous.
One of the biggest dangers are, you alone are creating distortion and distraction of your audience. As soon as you say it, your audience will menceari variety of evidence to justify your statement. You are fishing anyway?
Every time a negative statement out of your mouth, then you actually said this:
"Do not expect much from Me."
Man is a BAD listeners. On average, every nine seconds, each audience will listen to anything else other than your voice. "Irregularities mentally" they are, indeed relatively small, every time. But remember the fact; every nine seconds!
This means, your voice like loud and low. Up and down, sounding and not sounding. The audience tends to forget 80% of your message. This is where your non-verbal useful device. Sound, visual aids, props and so forth.
That's why you need trained to create various things "forcing" them to listen to you, at certain moments. At the moment they crossed the globe, which can be understood from their reaction.
The simplest example is what the AA Gym "" Haloo? How ya gentlemen? "
A more effective way, is to forget their ear problems, and involve them directly. Flesh and blood. Feelings, the thought, activity, action, conscience, five senses, heart and physical.
With all that, "forgot" they can be reduced to 50%.
1. Ask your audience; 2. Involve them in the survey or poll; 3. Encourage them to demonstrate various things; 4. Test or test them; 5. Explicitly, ask them to listen well certain points; 6. Create a gimmick.
That's just five. How can you live with fifteen secret?


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