Tips for Improving the Quality of Self

Whatever the profession and the quality of our work ourselves into the benchmarks and the key to success in career. Become entrepreneurs or work for a company / someone else can not be separated from this one thing. If the quality of the self is not good it will be difficult for us to achieve success. So there is no other way except to continuously improve and upgrade quality. Every age and time requires skill and personal quality that is always rising. If we are stagnant in the quality of career and business ourselves then we will also stagnated juga.Perasaan easily satisfied with what has been achieved will usually lead to stagnation in career and this should be eliminated. Here are some tips to improve the quality of self-worth checking out:

1. Assess yourself sendiriSebelum go further, you should start by assessing the performance of self. Assessment should be objective and realistic. If you feel your performance is not maximized, judge like that. Take the paper, then write down the points whatever task you face in office. Then, ask yourself, how much can handle tersebut.Misalnya points, if you're an IT supervisor, ask how quickly you were able to follow the development of technologies that exist today? Ask also if you enjoy those tasks. This short list will help you gain an overall picture of your own performance. Having obtained an overall picture, you can decide which aspects you have mastered, and which aspects which need to be improved.

2. Continue belajarPahamilah that professional career is a process where you have the opportunity to follow it continues menerus.Jadi, use this opportunity to master the ability prosefesional. Do all tasks with the best, follow the rules, find out the strengths and weaknesses of the process you follow, and so on. Thus, you will be able to run all your tasks well, now and in the future.

3. Be ResponsibleMeskipun are in the shade of a company, which will determine your career. So, be accountable and make sure that you take every opportunity to improve your professional skills. Getting a bid to attend training, seminars, or membership of a professional association? No need to hesitate to come and join because of the skill would be even richer.

4. Keep kinerjaSelain responsible, you also have to apply personal standards in your professional tasks. These standards will determine the quality of performance. On the other hand, the performance is what will be the basis of a promotion or a promotion. So, do not hesitate to ask your boss. If it is felt necessary, ask for a new job or task that you feel challenged. However, must not ask for the assignment. Measure the ability and believe that you are able to accept the assignment.
Tips If You Want to Believe DiriKalau many of us buy expensive things luxurious, call it expensive handbags, expensive cars, expensive shoes, even have expensive homes in upscale areas, then a million reasons to be given, if you ask why they buy it, surely I am sure there are saying that it will add confidence diri.Saya is one victim of such thinking. With all due respect and gratitude - because I actually have great respect and gratitude - to God the Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth and the creatures in it, I was born with simple physical and mediocre. Small, thin, and ... life, it said friend saya.Ganteng? That does not herlaku for me. Oops ... compared with other men, I do not count. If it is assumed a race, want to enter the semifinals just maybe I should have katebelece. Even if there are 100 or even 500 men terganteng, I also will not enter into it. Number 499 are still far away from my rasanya.Karena figure as Marcellino Lefrand or Ari Wibowo, even Tora Sudiro, then in the course of this life I've had periods of no confidence. In the past I never thought this would happen. And when that happens and I realize it, this heart could not accept. Pendeklah kok, kok jeleklah, why this, why that, and so on, and my physical seterusnya.Kalau not how, financial situation and my career may be regarded as tolerable. With that situation, I began to recognize enaknya can buy expensive items, ranging from bags, then shoes, then clothes. My travel schedule across the continent also increase my confidence. Just imagine, a man who had been mediocre, not at all physically attractive, suddenly able to fly to and fro, buying Armani suits and John Lobb shoes.
As narkobaSemua then it makes me feel this expensive stuff is the means that I can continue to feel the presence of self-confidence. It must be admitted the situation was very enjoyable dilakoni. At that time I herterima love in this world there are designer goods. Goods which turned out to help me dismissed, at least, my sadness as a physical human being are born mediocre, not even a geregetnya, for a moment to feel good can make people look to me that I did not get from a state I often run lahir.Akhirnya hide themselves, and embrace the expensive items as weapons for charming others, to receive the respect of others and to be able to diakui.Semua is like a drug. I like no longer able to trust my ability as human beings, but instead hung it on the unlikely-stuff. I do not even tries dazzling people with my personality, but by thrusting the items before them. I became happy talk about people because of the stuff than me who have brains slightly encer.Dengan time scrolling and mental maturity, I now think how can I be confident with the help of inanimate objects that? How can I find the confidence behind the logos that expensive stuff? How could my confidence just for that expensive stuff? That's not the confidence I get, it's just an insatiable ego that makes me even tend to become arrogant. And when I feel I have confidence in myself with inanimate objects is expensive, then I'm just really in a state of no confidence. It's a confidence builder semu.Saya will not stop buying expensive things because I honestly could not stop captivated. But, now I know, I bought just for the pleasure of the ego itself, not to buy because I seek refuge. To my knowledge, too, a boutique named Prada, Dior, and other names just to sell bags, clothes, and shoes. In the window they were never written: Here selling French-made self-confidence.


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